Dale Spiral Coolers are designed around a concept familiar to the food process industry incorporating standard spiral equipment, which is well proven in continuous production. However, design changes have been instituted in the construction of the conveying system to improve accessibility, flexibility, mechanical performance and hygiene, these are generally seen on ambient spiral coolers. Airflow design, evaporator and refrigeration selection has also been revised to enhance product cooling and reduce product weight loss to a minimum, Dale spiral bread coolers have quickly gained a reputation in the industry for achieving product core temperatures within minimum retention times and for reducing product weight loss.

Most bread coolers are a double drum concept where the product travels up one spiral, crosses over and travels back down a second spiral using a common belt. In designing the equipment emphasis has been placed on flexibility such that each machine can be specified to comply exactly with customer requirements and offer ultimate flexibility to the production manager.

This flexibility is not limited to choice of belt width, type or effective belt length but applies also to the specification of materials, designation of, scope of supply and installation.

Both internal and external surfaces of the drum and framework assemblies are constructed in stainless steel for hygiene and durability purpose. In the case of smaller machines, the drum assembly can be of a welded construction and therefore delivered as a complete unit. In the case of all other machines the drum assembly is delivered in sections for ease of transportation and especially where installation access is tight. Centrally mounted gearboxes are used to reduce maintenance and improve hygiene.

Dale’s own Blue Belt is used on all bread cooling and conditioning spirals in the industry and is preferred these days over stainless steel belting. Belts can be fitted with unique lane dividers to keep bread and other products apart or to transport different products at the same time through the spiral. Dale have become a world leader in refrigerated bread conditioning and have experience using water chilling, Freon base gases, ammonia or a combination of refrigerant mediums. Dale have also designed and installed a world first for Braces bakery in Wale’s using evaporative cooling on one spiral and refrigeration on the other spiral within the same enclosure.

Dale was the first company to colour their belts blue so that easy visual detection can be carried out. Upon request Dale also supply and stock a wide range of stainless steel grid or overlay belts.

Optional belt washing equipment can be provided from the offset or retro fitted at a later date.

Spiral cooling has been predominantly used throughout bakeries in the world for cooling bread core temperatures from the oven whilst minimising weight loss. Other uses are for bun or scone cooling, wafer and chocolate cooling on text bars, cream cheese in jars, pastry and croissants, pizza bases, naan breads and a whole lot of other products.

Spirals can be single, double or even triple drum construction depending upon the factory space and height available.

Optional conveyors systems can be requested at additional cost to automate your production line to and from the spiral cooler. These can be either PLC or manually controlled.

Spiral Cooling Videos

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