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Dale Spiral Systems and Bakery Automation, established in 1999, is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company’s success has been remarkable. Dale’s first order was for two double drum spiral coolers for Albany bakery in Germiston. Dale’s first freezer order was for IQF chicken portions and was awarded by Tswana Pride, a Botswana based company. From these humble beginnings, Dale has achieved some very impressive accomplishments.

The company designs, manufactures and supplies:

  • Spiral Intermediate provers.
  • Conveying systems for tins, lids, baskets, raw and finished products.
  • Final provers.
  • Travelling ovens.
  • Robotic, gantry style lid and tin storage systems.
  • Refrigerated pan and lid cooling systems.
  • Robotic lidding, de-lidding and de-panning.
  • Spiral bread and bun coolers and Spiral freezers for the food industry.
  • Robotic basket loading and basket stacking in the bakery industry.
  • Carton Freezers.

In recent years, Dale has installed many complete automated lines from dough-in-pan to basket transportation. In spiral bread conditioning equipment, having supplied some 64 systems to companies throughout SA and the world, Dale’s equipment is responsible for cooling and conditioning over 428,000 loaves of bread every hour of every day – or over 10m loaves a day.

Recently, the company installed the largest single drum spiral freezer in the southern hemisphere for GrainFields Chicken – it is capable of freezing 8 tons of IQF chicken portions per hour.

With over 110 spiral systems installed in SA, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, France, UK and Australia, Dale has achieved its vision of becoming a world leader in both the poultry and baking industries.

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