Over the years, Dale has expended its technology to include the majority of equipment used by plant bakeries.

Continuing this drive to offer complete, outstanding quality solutions to the industry, Dale recently introduced the forced convection, travelling oven and swing tray, box type final prover to its already extensive range of equipment.

Dale’s extensive investment in design and manufacturing capability have been made to meet the market demand for final provers and ovens, both in SA and international markets.

Dale provers are available in three basis types: conventional box-type unit, the L-type unit, where the main body of the prover is mounted above the oven and the spiral first prover which uses an endless belt to transport dough pieces from the ground to above the moulders. Both the box type and the L type can be provided with automatic loading and unloading devices. The prover’s atmosphere is air-conditioned and two levels of specification are available to meet specific customer requirements.

Dale’s spiral first provers are used on the makeup side of the process and transport dough in either single file or in double lane format depending upon plant capacity. Dough is gently pulled away from the belt at discharge via a stripping roller arrangement and then placed into a flip flop chute whereby dough is flipped onto one or the other separate conveyors leading to the mouth of each moulder.

One of the biggest headaches in a bakery is double loading into conventional prover pockets. With the spiral first prover, doubles are totally eliminated.

Dale ovens are modular design, allowing a wide range of capacity options, plus oven module extensions can be undertaken to allow for future growth in production.

Dale can now provide an integrated line of bakery plant from the point where dough is placed in the baking pan right up until it is conveyed to the despatch area ready for loading.

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